Why Teach Kelly Kirby?
If you are a teacher of piano, you are very aware of the dozens of different beginner piano method books available at your local music store!  Although many of them do have some positive features to them, and although some of them have even used the ‘concepts’ behind the Kelly Kirby method and endeavored to ‘copy them in some way, none of them are as successful as this program has been for so many years in building strong foundations in sight reading and ear training. All teachers know about methods where either finger numbers, color coding, fixed hand positions or some ‘quick’ reading method is used as the foundation for the beginner student.  However, many times these programs fail to give a solid foundation in the very basic fundamentals…moving students along too quickly through material that they are not ready for.  In the end, students often flounder for years afterwards, struggling with reading (perhaps reading right hand notes but finding the left hand reading very difficult), and sadly, in the end often ‘quit’ because of frustration and lack of confidence. By choosing Kelly Kirby as the mainstay of your studio for all beginning students, you will build a solid group of students who will progress, with the help of you and their supportive parents, through these four books and at the end be able to branch off into other teaching materials and examination programs….successful, confident and accomplished!
Benefits of Becoming Certified
Mrs. Kirby passed the fine details of her program down to us through a group of course instructors who worked under her guidance for years in Toronto, and then on to the new teachers that they trained throughout  the years.  Although today’s teachers may feel that they can just pick up a manual and figure it out themselves, the true ‘inner understanding’ of the program and its presentation comes from training under a qualified Kelly Kirby instructor.  Even the way the lesson books are assembled is important and the understanding of how to integrate the reading material with the ear training is unique.  Once you are certified, you are encouraged to join the “Kelly Kirby Teachers’ Network”.  Although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended as there are so many advantages for teachers through the various network packages.
Certification Requirements
Although all students (minimum age 16 yrs) are invited to take the Kelly Kirby Teacher’s Course, only those who meet the following criteria will be issued their Teacher’s Certificate, making them a qualified Kelly Kirby Instructor:

  • Minimum age of 16
  • Completion of the RCM Grade 8 Examination with a mark of 80 or higher
  • Completion and submission of the course questionnaire following completion of the course
  • A copy of an exam adjudication showing a mark of 80 or higher by one of your students (Prep A level and up). Experienced teachers may submit the mark of a previous student; new teachers should submit the mark after their first Kelly Kirby student takes their first exam.

PLEASE NOTE: Although any teacher taking the course is free to teach the Kelly Kirby Method in their studio, they may not represent themselves as a qualified Kelly Kirby Teacher in any advertising media until they have received their official Teacher’s Certificate. To register for courses please complete our registration form or contact us.

Attend a Teacher's Course


Kelly Kirby Teacher’s Course Course Date: August 24 & 25, 2019
Course Time: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Course Location: #5-12491 No 2 Rd, Richmond BC V7E 2G3 (The Arts Connection)
Course Fee: $393.75 ($375+ $18.75 GST)
Supplies Fee: $176.40 ($168 + $8.40 GST)
(Supplies include: 4 Kelly Kirby Books, Teacher’s Manual, Student Flashcards and Student Workbook)


Courses are available to learn the Kelly Kirby Introductory Piano method of teaching and for current Kelly Kirby teachers to refresh their skills.

Teacher’s Course Teacher’s Course This course is designed to give the teacher methods for practical presentation of music to beginning students from 4 to 8 years of age. It is also a refresher course for experienced teachers seeking new ways of introducing ear training, sight reading, scale building, transposition, technique, and theory. Complete instruction is given in the uses of the Kelly Kirby teaching materials and teaching principles. For a list of materials required for the course, see the Required Course Materials.
Course Fee: $393.75 ($375+ $18.75 GST)  / Supplies Fee: $176.40 ($168 + $8.40 GST)

Refresher Course This course is designed for those teachers who have already taken the Kelly Kirby Teachers Course.
Course Fee: $125.00 Materials:  $35.00 (+GST) for student flashcards and workbook.  (Teachers should bring their signed Lesson Books from the previous course with them)

Additional Topics of Discussion Among the topics being discussed at the two day course will be:

  • The psychology of teaching the young beginner.
  • Preparation of Kelly Kirby teaching material.
  • Detailed instruction for teaching each lesson (piano books I to IV).
  • Use of visual aids to Kelly Kirby teaching (flash cards and combination cards).
  • Adapting Kelly Kirby materials for students beyond 8 years.
  • Parent-teacher relationships.
  • What comes after Kelly Kirby for various age levels
  • Professional teaching principles.