Prep ACurtis Au93Amy Tokunoh
Prep BJosephine Cummings95Amy Tokunoh
1Ryan Wan91Amy Tokunoh
1Hailey Guan90Celia Cheng
1Ronan Wong89Celia Cheng
1Kaiser Yan Ting Lee86Kanako Takeda
2Audrina Chang96Carol Lim
2Sophia Yang94Jacqualine Chan
2Chloe Lam93Celia Cheng
2Victor Shui93Susan Evans
2Sophie Alagheband91Celia Cheng
2Jacob Au90Celia Cheng
2Luke Fahlman83Grace Hoff
3Jacob Au90Celia Cheng
3Emily Yan90Amy Tokunoh
3Cameron Fan87Carol Lim
3Kaiser Yan Ting Lee87Kanako Takeda
3Jiyon Kabir (T.J.)85Grace Hoff
3Noelle Ming-Huen Au85Celia Cheng
3Jacob Cho84Kanako Takeda
4Ryan Huang93Susan Evans
4Emily Yan92Amy Tokunoh
4Kai Aleksic84Kanako Takeda
4Jacob Cho84Kanako Takeda
4Joanna Yuan81Grace Hoff
5Edison Liu95Susan Evans
5Aralia Suzuka-Chan92Kanako Takeda
5Elena Alagheband90Celia Cheng
5Isaac Au84Celia Cheng
6Rosabelle Pheng81Celia Cheng
6Connor Du80Carol Lim
7Ellie Higuchi94Celia Cheng
7Tanya Norani86Kanako Takeda
7Rosabelle Pheng82Celia Cheng
8Joshua Hong90Susan Evans
8Jessica Viet84Carol Lim
9Rachel Kung90Carol Lim
10Edward Cao84Celia Cheng

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